Professional Watch Band Link Pin Remover Tool with 3 Extra Pins


Manufactured to strict quality standards this link remover is the best heavy duty twist movement tool to remove stubborn watch links. You will need a small needle nose plier to fully pull the pin out. Simply align the pin with the tool and carefully twist tool knob to push the pin out. Twist design makes it easy to remove or add links to your watch band. Every watch collector needs a watch adjuster as part of their collection. Stop wasting money taking it to a jewler when you can do it yourself. It pays for itself after 2 uses and lasts for many years. Easily alter your watch at home without scratching the band. Fits most bands using a pin system to hold links together. Comes with two extra pins for replacing bent pins. Many watch bands use directional link pins, therefore you must push in the direction of the pin. Improper use of the tool will damage the pin and your tool. Please be careful when pushing the pin. It should easily slide out with some force. If you are pushing very hard and no movement, try using some lubricant like WD40 to help the pin slide out.
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