Tokyo Flash Men's "Morse Code" Watch #MORSE

If you want to deter that pesky friend who's always peeking over you shoulder to check the time, then put a stop to it with the Morse Code watch from Tokyo Flash. This first ever design has three modes for telling time. Using a built in speaker that refracts sound off your wrist through the solid stainless steel case it sounds out the time in Morse code! But if that's too hard to follow, you can easily press a button to see the time in Morse Code on the LED. Still too hard to decipher? Tokyo Flash has you covered. One more press of a button and you can see the time in regular, old-fashioned digit form. With the Morse Code strapped to your wrist you'll stimulate your mind and learn to tell time in a whole new way, or at least impress your friends. The Morse Code measures 4.0 centimeters across, 4.0 centimeters long, and 1.0 centimeters thick, and features a band made of solid stainless steel (maximum wrist size 20.5 cm) with a push-button, fold-over clasp.

TokyoFlash Brand
Tokyoflash is the worlds leading supplier of unique Japanese watches. Established in 2000 we have been giving our customers the chance to own a cutting edge piece of wrist wear otherwise only available in the land of the rising sun.

Our design philosophy is to create something unique, fashionable and functional. Tokyoflash is not here to design in the established watch arena - there are already many great designers doing that now. What we are trying to do is create a whole new market where your watch is an individual fashion statement and talking point.

Japan’s eclectic fashion scene is the perfect environment for the type of designers that we like to work with in creating watches combining exceptional originality, unique styling and eastern aesthetics.

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